About Us

BollyWorks Fitness was a dream project created by Arundhati Baitmangalkar and Soumya Gogula. After successfully teaching Bollywood dance choreography, running shows, and teaching BollyWorks Dance fitness in-house at BollyWorks, they noticed a large demand for BollyWorks Fitness in the area. Unable to keep up with the demand for their classes, they created BollyWorks Fitness to help enable others with a passion for dance, Bollywood, and fitness to teach the BollyWorks way. BollyWorks Fitness is a combination of years of professional Bollywood dance experience and their professional fitness backgrounds. BollyWorks Fitness is a product but feels like a dance party in a workout.

Arundhati Baitmangalkar (Founder & Creative Director)

Fitness and dance have always been a part of Arundhati’s life since a young age. Having begun her fitness and dance journey as a professional dancer, instructor, and performer with the Shiamak Davar Dance Company in India. She has performed, choreographed, and lived a professional Bollywood dancers’ life for 12 years. Today, Arundhati is one of the leading Bollywood dance professionals in the Pacific Northwest. From being a dance instructor, today she has grown her passion into a world of fitness, dance, and well being. She now extends that passion to all around her through her yoga studio Aham Yoga, BollyWorks – a Bollywood dance studio, and now BollyWorks Fitness. She is not only recognized for her Bollywood talent but also for being a reputed yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. Her yoga blog is well known across the globe and she is currently working on growing the Aham Yoga school of yoga. Arundhati is the creative director of Project Bollywood and BollyWorks Fitness. She looks to be an inspiration to help people move and get healthy. When not teaching, Arundhati likes to workout, take long walks with her dog, and read.

Soumya Gogula (Regional Head of Training & Program Coordinator)

Dancing since childhood, Soumya has a passion for dance and fitness which has spurred her to grow into the dance and fitness instructor she is today. Soumya grew up choreographing and performing Bollywood dances with friends and family at community events. She was part of a dance team and competed at intercollegiate competitions across the nation. Training for these competitions was challenging and was more than dance -- it was a lot about fitness. She learned that in order to be a better dancer on stage, she needed to be a fitter individual off stage. This is where her interest in fitness really began. After graduating and working in the Midwest, life brought her to the Pacific Northwest where she joined the BollyWorks team as a dancer and is now an instructor. Today, Soumya combines her love of dance and fitness through BollyWorks Fitness as a master instructor and trainer. She also works for BollyWorks and helps teach and choreograph Project Bollywood at BollyWorks.